Chris Waters
Graphic Design + Brand Development
Watershed Brand Lab

Shift By Design – compete in your market with a brand that’s relevant and resonates with your audience.

Delivering considered and functional graphic design and branding outcomes for businesses wanting to elevate their presence in the market they inhabit.

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North Shore, Auckland

Watershed Brand Lab

Specialising in Graphic Design, Brand Development, Digital Presence and Marketing Communications. Using design to deliver competitive difference and value add.

Working with businesses looking to facilitate market presence and business growth through a strong brand that they love, is the purpose.

The passion is to analyse brands and visual messaging, understanding how they connect with people (consumers) and in return provoke emotional responses.

The creativity behind taking an idea or strategy and building it from scratch, giving it relevance and an unique personality, is the ultimate focus. Leading the growth and profitability of customer/consumer centric organisations in multiple environments, across multiple industries.

Building, expanding and delivering positive outcomes. Relevant and imaginative design style, delivered through a considered and consultative approach.

Success has come from being creative through focussed thought and direction aligned to design thinking. Consistency in design and messaging that speaks to customer experience and expectations. Overcoming challenges and making decisions using experience backed judgement, strong work ethic and diligence.