Cristina Capri
Architect, land surveyor and interior designer

022 064 9516

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Growing up in Milan, design was part of the day-to-day life and my passion for design, art and architecture has influenced my entire life! I had my qualification as a Quantity and Land Surveyor in Padua and as an Architect with a Master in Conservation of Heritage Buildings in Venice. In Italy, my native country, I was involved initially in the renovation of many houses and historical places.

After moving to South Africa I had the opportunity to work as a Space/Office planner and I created multifunctional offices for international companies.

I developed a sound knowledge of the principles of open space organization and I managed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the workplace while improving the wellbeing of the staff. The residential and commercial side of my projects would always include a special Italian flair in the design process, when applied to private houses or public premises.

10 years ago I relocated to New Zealand bringing many years of experience dealing with clients from any aspect of the business. “in Plan Site” Is my most recent niche enterprise, It started at a time when New Zealand had the challenge to level up to the an international standard regarding code of compliance for the dangerous goods in the workplace.

After an intensive learning process to become familiar with the regulations, In Plan Site can confidently design any site plan and work all over the country. The focus of In Plan Site is mainly on commercial projects and space planning. My personal brand Cristina Capri Architect, is dedicated to residential and retail projects and to training courses in Interior Design, and Italian Art, Architecture, History and language.