Erica Fairbank
Body Language & Communication Coach

027 8983 567

[email protected]


Inspired by many years of experience in Healthcare, I have witnessed how miscommunications affected the relationships and trust with our customers and peers. I set out on a mission to learn more about how to build trust and connections because, without that, communication is ineffective. I am empowering people to learn to read and understand others and themselves, repair their connection with people, gain more credibility and feel more confident, this will ultimately build better workplaces and customer experience.

I am a Body Language coach with over 20 years of experience in leadership, education, customer experience, and complaint management. Using my diploma in Body Language and NLP, I help individuals and organisations enhance their communication skills and credibility.

By joining the Savvy Ever After workshop, you can improve your interpersonal skills by communicating more effectively. This will boost your confidence, have fewer conflicts, and lesser misunderstandings, help you build trust and strengthen relationships, both in personal and professional settings.